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Mr. Morrison, Your article today in The Washington Times

 Mr. Morrison writes the column "Embassy Row" for The Washington Times.

Dear Mr. Morrison,

I read with great interest your item on Bosnian diplomat Sven Alkalaj
cheering yesterday when he heard the news that Slobodan Milsoevic was
being sent to The Hague to face war-crimes charges.  You titled it,
"Justice for Bosnia."

I will now ask you, Mr. Morrison, when will there be "Justice for
Serbia?"  Although I am no apologist for "Slobo," I find it somewhat
ironic that
while he is being accused of war crimes in Kosovo, and also in Bosnia
and Croatia, what do you think of a head of a nation that would mortar
own people in order to gain sympathy from the gullible West?  I am
referring to the Markale Marketplace massacre, the excuse we used to
the Bosnian Serbs in 1995 for two weeks, hitting hospitals, schools,
churches and monasteries, when a U.N. report confirmed that Bosnian
Muslim forces had committed that atrocity.  To further corroborate the
U.N. report, The Sunday (London) Times of 1 October 1995 featured BIG
headlines, "Serbs 'not guilty' of massacre, Experts warned US that
mortar was Bosnian."  Furthermore a British think tank, The Stoneyhill
Centre, Gloucester, UK, reported, "US framed Serbs for market bombing."
Ah, but who cares about the truth?  We got what we wanted.  While
Milosevic goes to the Hague, Alija Itzebegovic bombs his own people and
goes scott free!    It should also be remembered that Bosnia is a
creation of the West.  Bosnia did not meet any of the requirements
necessary to become a nation - no defined borders; no economic stability
no established currency, and was in violation of its own constitution.

Today, Bosnia is a basket case, steeped in corruption.  And this is
called a success.  How much more money are we going to pour down that

In his book, Offensive in the Balkans, the Potential for a Wider War as
a Result of Foreign Intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina, by Yossef
Bodansky, he wrote:  "As early as 1992, Izetbegovic outlined a very
precise and uncompromising strategic political objective for the
regime: to get the West to defeat the Serbs and establish a
Muslim-dominated state for him.  Bodansky further writes, "The UN
concluded that a
special group of Bosnia Muslim forces, many of whom had served with
Islamic terrorist organizations committed a series of atrocities,
'some of the worst recent killings,' against Bosnian Muslim civilians in
Sarajevo as a propaganda ploy to win world sympathy and military
intervention.  These attacks escalated into premeditated attacks and
atrocities committed against Bosnian Serb civilians trying to flee

Undoubtedly, Slobo will be blame for their atrocities also.

Milosevic is to tried for war crimes in Kosovo.  For the Trepca mine
shaft massacre which revealed not one speck of tooth or bone fragment
where witnesses claimed 1,500 ethnic Albanian bodies had been
incinerated?  Or the Racak massacre, which was discredited by the
forensic team?  Or the fact that Eli Weisel said there was no
"genocide," as did The Wall Street Journal?  Or the fact that we created
the long lines
of refugees with our bombs?  Or the fact that there were no 100,000
bodies lying in mass graves as claimed by Former SecDef Cohen, nor were
there "600,000 ethnic Albanians lying in mass graves, starving and too
frightened to return to their homes?"  That was certainly a good one by
our former Commander in Chief, and whom are we supporting?  That
wonderful bunch of cutthroats, the KLA, with their hideous crimes too
numerous to list - but that's okay, "they're OUR cutthroats!

All of this will come back to bite us, one day.  We will look back and
wonder, when the world is ablaze with more Bosnias and Croatias and
Kosovos (and let's now throw in Macedonia, whom we have betrayed. To
Greece, I advise them to "check six.")  created by The New World

But of course, I shouldn't neglect Franjo Tudjman - that wonderful
father of Croatia who said, "Thank God my wife is neither a Serb nor a
Jew."  He knew what he was talking about considering what the Croatian
Ustashe did during WWII and today.  It's pretty bad when you have to
give your Croatian troops narcotics in order to stomach slitting the
throats of elderly Serb women and children as they did in Operation
Storm, a
huge success, thanks to Uncle Sucker.  Without us, the Croats couldn't
have punched their way out of a paper bag.  While the world's attention
was focused on "Srebrenica," Charles Krauthammer wrote in TIME, April 5,
1999, "In August 1995, Croatia launched a savage attack on Krajina, a
region of Croatia that Serbs had inhabited for 500 years.  Within four
days, the Croatians drove out 150,000 [closer to 250,000, 650,000 from
all of
Croatia since 1992] Serbs,  the largest ethnic cleansing of the entire
Balkan wars.  Investigators with the war-crimes tribunalin the Hague
concluded that this campaign was carried out with brutality, wanton
murder.  No denunciation.  No sanctions.  No bombing.  No indignant
speeches about ethnic cleansing and the slaughter of of innocents.  In
fact, in justifying the current bombing of Serbia, Clinton made an
reference to this Croatian campaign when he credited the 'courageous
people in Bosnia and in Croatia' who 'fought back' against the Serbs and

'helped to end the war.'  Indeed, they did.  Crotia's savage ethnic
cleansing so demoralized the Serbs that they soon agreed to sign the
peace accord of 1995."

You stated,  "The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a former republic in
Yugoslavia, cost 250,000 lives."

Of course, this is made to indicate that all 250,000 victims were of
course, all Bosnians, but let's do a little math here.

Haris Siladjzic, Prime Minister of the Bosnian Islamic government at the
time, said on CNN that when Tuzla was shelled, the 71 victims
represented the single largest killing of Muslims in one day in the
entire war.  Therefore, if we take 42 months or 1,260 days of war and
use the
Tuzla figure of 71 as the maximum deaths per day, we come up with a
total of 89,460 - ON ALL SIDES.

George Kenney, a former State Department officer well versed in events
in Bosnia, puts the casualty figure between 20,000 to 60,000 and David
Binder, a highly respected foreign correspondent with 30 years of
experience in the Balkans claimed in World Affairs Council speech in
County, California, that the combined totals of all humanitarian
organizations can't even come up with 70,000 victims!"   I've even heard
the figure
as high as 500,000, hoping the mud sticks.

Respectfully submitted,


Oh, and before I close, I invite you to go to: where you will get another
side of the story on Srebrenica.

June 29, 2001

Embassy Row
News and dispatches from the diplomatic corridor.

     Justice for Bosnia

     Bosnian diplomat Sven Alkalaj
cheered yesterday when he heard
the news that Slobodan Milosevic
was being sent to The Hague to
face war-crimes charges.

     "This is very exciting. After all
the crimes he committed, all the
genocide, the butcher of the
Balkans will finally face justice,"
said Mr. Alkalaj, who served as
Bosnia's ambassador to the United
States during the war in his
homeland masterminded by the
former Yugoslav strongman.

     "This should serve as a clear signal to all fugitive war
criminals that they will face justice," Mr. Alkalaj said.

     The two most wanted fugitives in Bosnia are Radovan
Kardzic and Ratko Mladic, who led Bosnian Serb forces in
the war.

     The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a former republic in
Yugoslavia, cost 250,000 lives.

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