While I certainly won't dispute anyone else's voting choices, I'll just say
it's an awfully good thing that most people didn't decide whether or not to
vote for me based on a single set of either positive or negative exchanges
that someone else had with me about something -- especially considering that
at any one time on a particular issue, LOTS of people have been
understandably angry. I would worry how anyone who ever took a courageous
decision, made a mistake, fought a good fight, misplaced a document, got
tangled up in an bureaucratic mess, confused some details, pushed for the
truth, was up all night with a sleepless child, or were otherwise wonderfuly
or awfully human ever, could ever get elected to anything.
When we look at candidates for any other office, for whom we have enormous
amounts of both valuable and trivial information, we're certainly never 100%
happy about what they do or don't say or do. How is it that we find it
perfectly reasonable to overlook all their human flaws, listen carefully
especially for more information that supports the decision we want to make,
and often campaign hard in support of our candidate? Why do we need so very
much positive information about some people we're going to support anyway,
and so little for others, either incumbents or challengers?
On days like this, our entire electoral decision-making process is just a
complete mystery to me...
-- Anne Carroll 
Anne R. Carroll
Carroll, Franck & Associates
Public Involvement, Strategic Planning, Communications
1357 Highland Parkway
St. Paul, MN 55116  USA
651-690-9162   School Board: 651-690-9156

"A politician worries about the next election. A true states[wo]man worries
about the next generation, and children yet unborn." - e.e. cummings

"...leadership is about how you bring out the best in people. Leadership is
what you give to the community you live in. Leadership is what you give to
the world. Leadership is how you live an honest life... You will be more
credible and you will be more powerful if you do not separate the lives you
live from the words you speak." -- Paul Wellstone

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