I got this last week, and it asked for it to be forwarded to anyone else who might be interested, and since I haven't seen it posted here thought I would post it for those that might be interested in the greatness of Street (Trolly) Cars.

Apparently this is being put on by the City Council as they are the contact, and this guy is gonna talk to the Council at it's regular meetings... Hmm, Street cars on W7th St, with lots of space to pull over in the parking area's and pick people up :-) I don't think you would run Street Cars down Sheppard or 35E (but I suppose this is not lightrail, nor is it express bus service). It does leave one to wonder, Lets try Street Cars first and see if that flys, when they are used to it we can run busses :-) Yea I know conspiracies, theories unfounded by any fact, but isn't that how government works these days? :-)

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Bring the streetcars back!
Saint Paul Launches a Civic Dialogue
Wednesday Nov.17,2004
Former Portland City Commissioner Charlie Hales will be speaking at four different
events in Saint Paul on Nov.17-18,2004.Hales is a transit planning principal at HDR
Engineering,working with communities on transit options.As a member of the
Portland City Council from 1992 through 2002,Hales was the driving force behind
the effort to raise $58 million in bonds to create the Portland Streetcar,the nation 's
* rst modern streetcar.
With the success of the new Hiawatha LRT line,Saint Paul welcomes the opportunity
to explore streetcars as a way to link downtown arts,entertainment and business with our city 's
vibrant neighborhoods for residents and visitors alike.On Wednesday,Nov.17,3:30 p.m.Charlie will
address the Saint Paul City Council at its regular meeting,which will be televised on St.Paul Cable
Channel 18.
Wednesday,Nov.17,2004,7 to 8:30 p.m.
Public Event:"Bringing Back the Streetcars "
Minnesota History Center,3M Auditorium,St.Paul
HDR Transit Planning Principal Charlie Hales is helping to revive the electric street-
car as a popular,ef * cient,and cost-effective transit option in cities across the U.S.
Charlie shares his experiences in this presentation,as both Twin Cities consider reviving the streetcar
on lines like the Midtown Greenway and Grand Avenue.From 6 to 7 p.m.,visit the ex hi bit Going Places:
The Mystique of Mobility to enjoy archival streetcar * lm footage and read riders ' stories.
Wednesday,Nov.17,11:30-1:00 p.m.
Brown Bag Lunchtime Talk for Activists and Engineers:"The Nuts and Bolts of Streetcars "
Saint Paul City Hall,Room 40,15 West Kellogg Blvd.,St.Paul
Transit enthusiasts,transportation planners,neighborhood activists,public works engineers and
interested members of the public are invited to join Charlie to talk about how to start planning for
St.Paul streetcar.Bring your own lunch and RSVP to reserve a chair by calling Jane Prince at
651/266-8641.Pop machines available.
Thursday,Nov.18,8-9 a.m.
"Streetcars,LRT and Buses:Regional Transit Leaders and Charlie Hales "
Macalester Campus Center,John B.Davis Lecture Hall,Grand &Snelling,St.Paul
Charlie will discuss how streetcars can enhance our region 's multi-modal transit system
by linking downtown and neighborhood residents,workers and visitors.A responder
panel of regional transit and business leaders will respond.Coffee and Rolls.
Presented with support from the City of Saint Paul,the Minnesota History Center,Macalester
College,University UNITED,the Capitol /River Council,Merriam Park Community Council,Midway
Transportation Management Organization,Capital City Partnership,HDR Engineering,Inc.,Dayton 's
Bluff District 4 Community Council,Macalester Groveland Community Council.
If you have questions about any of these events,call the Saint Paul City Council at 651/266-8641.
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Chris Coleman Jan 21, 2004
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