I have not contributed any code directly to the Struts project, so I
feel a little squimish about saying it - but I would put forth, humbly,
that maybe just following the Jakarta (hence Sun) standards would be the
best thing to aim for.  

I am sure that everyone would agree that having unused imports removed
would be good, also dead code removal would also be a nice thing I am
sure everyone would agree...  But starting a discussion on where the {}
should be, etc, could be a little like igniting a holy war...

Obviously you all can decide it, but I would almost approach it from
"discuss why not to use the existing standards" point of view...

Just my thoughts

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On Sun, 5 Jan 2003, Martin Cooper wrote:

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> On Sun, 5 Jan 2003, Bill Chmura wrote:
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> > Sounds great... I've used checkstyle for a while now and it has done

> > a good job for the most part.
> >
> > About the 9,000 errors it produced (maybe errors is not the right 
> > word)
> Yah - perhaps I should have said 'violations'.
> > - a good many of them are probably due to the difference between the

> > Sun Coding standards and the Apache coding standards.  I have mostly
> Well, the default coding conventions in Jakarta *are* the Sun coding 
> conventions, so I'd say we have a problem... ;-)

That's something we can change if we want to define our own (Struts
project wide) standards.  I'm game if people want to spend some time
doing this (although I've got some emotional attachment to certain
stylistic patterns, it's not the most important thing in the world).

The existing code base, as many have observed, does *not* conform to a
single specific style standard, because it (and my personal adaptation
of the Sun coding standards) evolved over time and/or I finally started
doing some things ({ ... } around single-statement conditionals) that I
should have been doing from the very beginning.

It would help the readability of the code (and therefore
understandability for all developers) to have a single commonly used
style.  However, I've got two requests:

* Let's have a *very* brief discussion and agreement on
  a single style, if we can.  I've seen marriages break
  up over the color of a carpet -- developers fighting
  over this issue would be equaly stupid.

* Once we decide on a style, the task of adadpting the
  existing code starts.  Please ensure that, if you're
  doing the checkins for that, you ***only*** do the
  formatting changes on a single commit -- no sneaking
  functionality changes in :-).

> --
> Martin Cooper


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