As you may know from my posts, I'm new to Struts.  So, I'm compiling a little, 
reloading my app, compiling more, loading my app, and so forth.  Somewhere between 
reloads ('stop' and then 'start', not 'reload' in the Tomcat manager), 20 to 30, I end 
up getting tomcat errors about being 'Out of Memory'.

I only have 5-6 simple (we're talking basic here) classes and one session-based 
ActionForm I'm using for everything (10 strings in it, that's it).

Other than that, I only have the Stock Struts 1.1 final tiles plug-in, the stock v1.1 
final validator plug-in, and the recent hibernate plug-in from the bluemars site.  
I've reset the ms/mx to 64/128 MB and even 64/256 MB in my but zilch.  
Anyone have any suggestions on how to debut this?  I sure won't be able to deploy 
until I figure out what's causing the memory leak on my Linux system: Struts 1.1 
final, Tomcat 4.1.27, Sun JDK 1.4.2, Hibernate 2.0.2 (stable).

Btw, I'd take out Hibernate but I need it.  Besides, there are no warnings about 
memory problems I've been able to dig up on those versions of the tools I'm using. 
Unless I'm totally missing an obvious post on the lists and archives (and 'Net) that 
I'm searching through.

Thanks again for any suggestions.


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