this PR implements the requested functionality to be able to:

select a trip or any list of dives and the Map widget should estimate
a center coordinate and a zoom level so that the list of selected
dives locations are centered in the Map viewport
select a list of dives in the dive list based on selecting a list of
markers on the map

for 2, i was thinking about adding tools such as circular or
rectangular marquee selection or even lasso, but this is hard to
maintain and is awkward on mobile. instead, the current implementation
uses the viewport as the selection tool in the lines of "select
visible dive locations". so, if a set of flags are visible on the map,
this context menu action will select the associated dives in the dive

mapwidget: use "satallite" maps instead of "hybrid"
a subject to discussion, but i encourage that the above commit is
applied, because some users might report the missing (black) tiles
soon. both i and the plugin author don't have a solution for this way to fix the "hybrid" map would be to cache tiles from
the current zoom level and if the next zoom level shows a completely
black tile - load tiles from the working zoom level. a very hacky

also, the "satallite" map turns completely white at maximum zoom, i
think this might be an issue in the QtLocation Map, because nothing
works on the "googlemaps map plugin" side.

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