Ok, I've worked around this by just using my old build, but it means
that ssl doesn't work, which in turn means that I can't actually do
the cloud access etc on my F26 desktop.

So I'm tried of my old broken At-5.9 build, and would like to know how
to make a proper build against openssl-1.1.0, which is what F26 has.

I get complete failure with qtbase, which just doesn't build at all:

  ssl/qsslcertificate_openssl.cpp: In function ‘uint qHash(const
QSslCertificate&, uint)’:
  ssl/qsslcertificate_openssl.cpp:69:30: error: invalid use of
incomplete type ‘X509 {aka struct x509_st}’
         return qHashBits(x509->sha1_hash, SHA_DIGEST_LENGTH, seed);

and a lot of other similar errors.

Googling it finds a few Qt bug reports that are closed, but it's not
clear *why* they were closed or what the fix to build against modern
openssl headers actually is.

This is all with a clean tree after a full re-configure.  Current
up-to-date qt5 (and yes, my qtbase tree matches what the qt5 top-level
module says), followed by:

    perl init-repository -f --module-subset=default,qtwebkit
    ./configure -prefix $PWD/qtbase -opensource -nomake examples
-nomake tests -confirm-license

so I'm wondering what's up. I can't be the only one building Qt on
F26. What's the magic to make it work?

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