On 11/03/2018 22:40, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
We now have a version of the map widget for the mobile app, thanks to Lubomir.

I pushed an Android update to the beta channel and would appreciate testing and 



Tried the map facility on Android 7.0 on a Galaxy S6. I could not fault it in any way. Tried lots of things but it appeared rock stable.  This included switching between map mode and satellite image mode. Lubomir, you are magic. Two issues:

1) It would help if, like the desktop version, the map initialised on the most recent dive location.

2) The menu options do not all work. If I:

    a) Select a particular dive site on the map and go to the dive list, it goes to dives at an an appropriate dive site in the dive list. The tests that I did went to the most recent dives at that site. Excellent. :-)

    b) Open location in Google Maps, then an irrelevant location about 800 km away is opened.

    c) Copy location to clipboard (decimal) then coordinates for a *different* irrelevant location is copied to clipboard.

    d) Copy location to clipboard (sexagesimal) then a *another different* random location is copied to the clipboard.

    e) Obviously the option "Select visible dive locations" does not work. This is probably not because of faulty map functions but because of the way the dive list works at the moment that does not make this operation possible.

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