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>  b) Adapting the gas partial pressure graphs to reflect what the diver 
> breathes during bailout. When rendering the dive by creating a plot_info 
> structure for each sample, the easiest mechanism of incorporating bailout 
> would be to use the Shearwater approach: have a byte indicating Loop or 
> Bailout and perform the appropriate calculation for gas partial pressures. 
> Alternatively, it may be possible to reference the linked list of existing 
> events, find the next bailout event and plot the pO2 depending on the type of 
> bailout event (i.e. Bailout or OC->Loop). But this would incur significantly 
> more computational overhead since this lookup will be needed for each 
> plot_info on the dive profile.

how is a bailout different than a gas change event (except semantics of 
“emergency”). Why don’t you insert a gaschange to OC (i.e. with set point 0)?

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