On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 12:41 PM, Jérémie Guichard <djebr...@gmail.com>

> Hi everybody,
> To cope with this I've prepared a change introducing a new CONVENTIONS.md
> file that is meant to collect such information: https://github.
> com/Subsurface-divelog/subsurface/pull/1196 Any feedback is welcome.
> Since it is the one convention I learned during a recent pull request I
> proposed, I started with documenting the use of membuffer for string
> manipulations...

What is the distinction between the existing CodingStyle and the proposed
CONVENTIONS.md? IMO, what you currently have there could have easily been
included in the CodingStyle. Having all the essential information in single
place sounds better for newcomers.

> Then if/when the currently discussed pull request would be approved it
> would be nice to reflect these changes in the corresponding page on
> https://subsurface-divelog.org. The question is: Was this page manually
> edited in Subsurface-website repository or was it actually generated from
> markdown? If so, is the script available somewhere?
> IIRC these are edited directly.

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