> On Jul 12, 2018, at 11:13 AM, Miika Turkia <miika.tur...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >>>> 
> >>>> I can confirm, with current master, download from OSTC Sport to my Mac 
> >>>> works both for classic as well as Bluetooth LE.
> >>> 
> >>> what os? Can you test the appimage on linux?
> >> 
> >> Does it work with a locally compiled from source version? Or is that 
> >> broken, too?
> > 
> > self compiled is also broken for me. Before Dec 4 (ish) works but anything 
> > after does not. 
> So it works on Mac. Jan, are you using it on Linux or also on a Mac?
> I don't have an OSTC, so this isn't something I can help bisect...
> Commit 8a34d822ff5b6b235434f4a240f2f559ef331503 (libdivecomputer) seems to 
> break the BT download from OSTC for me.

So that's the merge commit to bring in the upstream code. About the worst one 
to end up on for the bisect.

Before I try to spot something by just reading the changes - Linus, any idea 
how to narrow this down further?



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