The one group that I hoped we'd get a few more entries for are the serial OSTC 
dive computers.
In the past we had quite a few users of those on this mailing list - if you 
have one, and an Android
phone, I'd love to get the information that Subsurface sees when you connect it.

With the latest versions this has become easier - just plug in your dive 
computer (with the USB C/A
adapter that came with your phone if you have a new USB C based phone, or with 
an OTG adapter
if you have an older, micro-USB based phone), it should start Subsurface, and 
then go to About, copy
the logs and send them to us.

The same applies for all the Aeris, Oceanic, Scubapro, Cressi, and Suunto dive 
computers, btw.

The whole thing shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes (not including the 
time to find the
adapter, of course) :-)

Thanks, your help is really appreciated.

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