Hi Dirk,

Thanks for the Info.
If someone is on the list with that computer would be nice of some help.
though i will have a pair of eyes coming around in the next days. *smile*

Greetings and thanks,

Am 31.10.2018 um 00:24 schrieb Dirk Hohndel:
Hi Simon,

I don't use a Puck Pro, nor am I usually a Windows user, but I'll try to help 
you get started:

1. the USB link appears to need a driver under Windows. According to the Mares 
website, you should be able to download it here: 
2. the Puck Pro needs to be switched into PC mode. With the single button menu 
structure this is non-trivial, especially when not able to see the screen. This PDF 
has all the information, but I'm not sure how well you can parse this with a screen 
reader: https://www.scubadoctor.com.au/downloads/computer-manuals/Mares_Puck_Pro.pdf 
 From standard surface mode, five button presses should get you to PC mode
In that mode, a download initiated from Subsurface should work.

I hope others with access to such a dive computer can give you more detailed 

All the best


On Oct 30, 2018, at 4:08 PM, Simon Eigeldinger <simon.eigeldin...@vol.at> wrote:

Hi all,

I just received my Mares Puck Pro with a USB Link.
How do i connect it to my pc and how to use it with subsurface?
Remember i am blind and can't see whats on the dive computers display.
so unfortunately i can't use some screenshots on a website.
I use Win 10 and Subsurface 4.8.3.
Do i need some drivers?
i just found the dive organizer on the mares website which seems also not to be 
very accessible using screenreaders.
Do i need to switch the dive computer on and select something when i want to 
connect it to the pc?
how do i do that?

maybe someone has a little bit of time to write something together?
We also can do that privately if people wouldn't be happy to see the 
conversations on the list.

This dive computer is completely new so it just comes freshly out of the box.

Greetings and thanks very much for helping,

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