Hi Everyone,

I hope the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't affected you directly (I mean,
outside of changing every single aspect of your life...)
Here in Oregon we are currently under a "stay at home order" which
allows us to go for walks and exercise, acquire food and other
essentials and get (some) medical services - but everything else is
pretty much shut down.

I have spent a lot less time in airports, airplanes, and hotels in the
last few weeks and have found a little more time to work on Subsurface.
Frankly, this wasn't the way I was hoping to "find time"...

As many will have seen, Subsurface-mobile 3.0 is taking shape. Feedback
that I am seeing from our testers on iOS and Android is quite positive,
as far as I'm concerned we have no critical outstanding bugs. This is
of course not perfect (few things ever are), but I think it's a HUGE
improvement over the current "production version".

We have a significantly re-written user manual for the mobile version,
we have reasonably complete translations (and if you are still working
on completing one of the languages, you still have a day until I do a
final sync of those), I think we are getting there.

What we need the most right now is more testing (of course, dive travel
is shut down, so unless you have a dive site right where you are, this
may be mostly simulated testing) and more proof reading / constructive
feedback on the documentation.

I am going to compile release notes and an announcement today, and if
all goes well will release this tomorrow. Of course, both the Apple and
Google app ecosystem are currently seeing unusually slow app approval
times, so it may be a few more days after that before those versions
are available to the public.

Stay well!


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