Tomeu Vizoso <> writes:

> On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 13:31, Bastien <> wrote:
>> +1 on the overall.
>> Building Sugar from source should be as easy as:
>> ,----
>> | ~$ git://
>> | ~$ ./configure
>> | ~$ make
>> | ~$ sudo make install
>> `----
> Well, that works for the sugar shell provided you have all the
> dependencies installed. The point of jhbuild is precisely to get you
> an environment where all the dependencies of the software you are
> interested in are installed without breaking your regular desktop.

Sorry to be dull here... IIUC, what you describe is the main difference
between jhbuild and, say, apt-get install sugar on Ubuntu: in the later
case, dependancies are taken care of by the .deb package whereas in the
jhbuild case they are all integrated in the jhbuild source?  Does that
make sense?

> Please note that we don't need to use sudo as all dependencies are
> installed in a user-writable directory.

Ok.  Thanks for the explanations.

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