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Since [3] is(in addition) an idea of having "composite" Journal
objects(when we have content of bundle stored somewhere in form of
ready to use directly, and this content is represented by one Journal
item) we can treat activities like a composite objects.

So, the idea is having Journal entries that should represent activities
(they are regular Journal entries and users can search/tag/etc. them)
and each of these Journal entries has "entry" field which points to
directory with activity. Shell can find() DS to be aware of what
versions/activities it has to start proper activity/activity-version to
activate particular object in Journal.
So [3] is intended to be used inside Sugar itself? I don't think I like that. :-P
What's the reason for
a) storing several, different entities in the datastore object?
b) storing actual content outside of the datastore?

[3] http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features/Object_Bundles

CU Sascha


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