Hi Michaël,
                       1) Yes okay, that seems like the correct way to proceed. 
We must try to incorporate the browser window.
                       2) Great! We can only use the Pi 3 though because it's 
the only one that has Ethernet AND WiFi capabilities.

                       3) Great, I will plan to use a bash script w/ Docker. 
I've used only used Ansible out of the three tools you mentioned, so I'll read 
up about where Terraform and Packer will fit in.
                       Adam Holt (h...@laptop.org) mentioned that I should look 
at this repository (https://github.com/iiab/iiab/tree/master/roles/sugarizer) 
as a reference so this will be of great help as a lot of similar work has 
already been done here.

                        4) Thank you, I will start working on the proposal and 
I will communicate with the community about the impact of the project.

Thank you so much for your time, Michaël!

Rishabh Nambiar.

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On February 23, 2018 2:51 AM, Michaël Ohayon <mohayo...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Rishabh !
> I’m glad you’re interested in Sugar Labs and the Sugarizer School Box !
> 1.  I think that the Pi will be able to handle the load, we won’t have that 
> much kids connected to the same Pi and the networking process is not that 
> heavy.
>     We should try to launch the server in background and display a web 
> browser in foreground. If the load is too high we will see it quickly.
> 2.  Yes, you’re right, the Pi should provide a Wifi AP to allow devices to 
> connect. This AP should bring routing from Ethernet if connected.
> 3.  Everything is possible, Ansible is a great tool. Combined with Terraform 
> and Packer we should be allowed to deploy things without having troubles 
> handling multiple cloud providers.
>     The installation script could be performed using simple bash and docker.
> 4.  I think you can start thinking on your proposal. You can continue to 
> discuss with us to talk about the project but also the community and the 
> impact of that project.
>     Cheers !
>     Michaël
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