Hi Spandan,

Thanks for sharing, a few comments.

Would the ghost lines for dots and boxes appear on mouse hover?

Simulate activity sometimes crashes Sugar, what do you mean by crashing
What does the logs say?

When talking about images, the best way to explain is to add images to
prove your point, the board size overflow you mentioned
in flip activity can better be understood with an image.
This also applies to every activity where you mention something that's
wrong with the canvas.

Reset and next buttons in jumble activity not being visible, no images to
explain again.
How can you click on them if they're not visible?

Reversi activity: too many unknowns, you mention implementing an AI but no
details as to how you intend to go about it, what data would you use?
What new dependencies would you be adding to the activity?

Nutrition activity: "having premade questions" any sample of such questions
would be helpful.
Where do you intend to get the healthy index from?

IQ activity: The timer idea seems nice but it should be optional as some
kids might feel pressured when timed and the goal ultimately is
to have fun while playing.
Hard coding solutions doesn't sound intuitive, what happens if the board
size changes in the future so that means the solutions would have to be
hard coded again.

Hit the balls activity: "I intend on creating a utility function which
generates a random color only after making sure the color is bright enough
that the text on it would be visible."
Only after making sure sounds vague, how do you intend to "make sure".
Button hover sound doesn't seem right as hovering is not really an action
the activity cares about.

Hope this helps!


Ibiam Chihurumnaya

On Fri, Mar 31, 2023 at 8:23 AM Spandan Barve <spandan...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone, I am Spandan Barve, also known as marsian83 on github.
> Here is my draft GSOC 2023 proposal for the project : Improve and Maintain
> 12 sugar activities
> Looking forward to a feedback from the mentors and any suggestions are
> welcome
> Thanks
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