On Sat, Apr 01, 2023 at 04:21:59PM +0530, Spandan Barve wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback Ibiam.
> [...]
> > Simulate activity sometimes crashes Sugar, what do you mean by crashing
> Sugar?
> I was not able to reproduce it but I do have the error saved. by
> crash, I mean that the activity stops responding completely,
> including the stop button and pressing CTRL+Q, I had to go back to
> the journal and then remove the activity, after that I got an error
> in the terminal. 
> here is the error : https://pastebin.com/1RcTvYHc 

It's a bug.

The error showed Python 2.7.  Simulate is yet to be ported to Python
3.  The traceback can be ignored until that port is done.

Simulate also needs a port to later Sugargame.  During the port of
Sugargame a complete review of the event loop should be done, as
Sugargame changed substantially.

Simulate contains many inner event loops, with calls to wait, update,
and tick, yet without checking for the stop button or Control/Q.
That's probably the bug you saw.

Simulate also uses an unconventional exit method.

The Sugargame sample code shows how to do it instead.

Simulate window can also vanish but the system process persist, which
was first reported in 2018.


I could not tell if you used git HEAD or the latest release of
Simulate, which predates git HEAD by some years.

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