Hi, So I had my first meeting with my mentor Mr. Lionel Laske regarding my
GSoC'23 Project, i.e., Sugarizer Vue Core. The meeting took place on
Discord ( https://discord.gg/z22M8BHm ). Here are the highlights of the
1. Meet and greet.
2. Lionel shared all the necessary logistics information.
3. Question time: I asked if I need to create an orphan branch for the
project or just a new branch
4. I gave an update on my work on the localization component.
5. We discussed how to store the sugarizer app's context using some
external storage library.
6. My tasks for next week.
task 1: load the locales/ files in the code of the test app in the
feature/v2 branch
task 2: lookup for possible solutions to store the context of the app
7. Decided the day/time for our next meeting - Sunday 21st at 19:30 UTC.
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