Dear Sugarlabs Community,
I Wanted to share a summary of out 1st meeting about the project.
discussion can be found here:

Key points discussed :

- Logistics: received all the necessary information about my mentors,
weekly meetings, meeting agendas, and mailing list.

- Features List: I have curated a list of features to implement, which
I shared with my mentor and also updated him about the feature i
already implemented with a short clip.

- Task assigned for the upcoming week:
     1) To make a PR so my mentor can review the implemented features.
     2) To work on the reviews suggested by my mentor in PR.
     3) To Implement working Font palette for chart activity.

- Doubt: I brought up a concern regarding nested palettes using
sugar-web, and we discussed a potential solution of handling it.Also,
my mentor suggested looking at the LabyrinthJS activity for

- Next meeting: We have scheduled our next meeting for Wednesday, May
24th, at 19H30 UTC.

Best regards,
Utkarsh Siddhpura
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