Memorize-59 has been released

Version: 59
Bundle ID: org.laptop.Memorize
Release time: 2023-08-21 13:38:04

You can download the latest release of this activity here:
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  - Download:


* Explain icon (James Cameron),
* Fix TypeError due to bool arguments in ElementTree (Shaan Subbaiah),
* Fix use of getchildren with Element object (Chihurumnaya Ibiam),
* code cleanup (Sparsh Goenka),
* Load demo game if all cards cleared in edit-game (Sparsh Goenka),
* synchronization (Chihurumnaya Ibiam),
* Remove new line character from translated string (Chihurumnaya Ibiam),
* Use python3 in (Chihurumnaya Ibiam),

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