On 02/19/2018 02:15 PM, Omkar Deshpande wrote:
> I have joined the mailing list, and gone through the links that you
> shared. I am interested in contributing towards the project.
> Can you follow me up, as to what has to be done next, to get the project
> assigned?
> Thank you.

Sachin may be able to advise on specific tasks or ideas on how to
proceed. Until he has a chance to answer, try and become familiar with
fedmsg and datagrepper. Understanding these tools is important to
understand what we want to do with the Perceval plugin with fedmsg.

If fedmsg is the "data bus", then datagrepper is a tool we use to filter
the data and make sense of little bits of it at a time. You can actually
perform datagrepper queries from real Fedora data (it might be more
interesting and helpful for you to set up datagrepper in a development
environment instead of fedmsg itself).



If you are eager to get started, check out some of the GitHub issues for
fedmsg and datagrepper. See if any of them feel like something you could
work on. I'm not able to offer much assistance on these, but Sachin is
more familiar with the tools if you have questions.



The project won't be "assigned" until the end of the application period
for GSoC. The best way to get started for now is to understand how
fedmsg works and explore / play with the tools available. I'm hoping to
come up with some starter tasks with Sachin soon to point people towards
as well.

Justin W. Flory

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