Hi again,

Sorry for sending multiple emails, but I hope I get an explanation for the 
issues that I faced with TAPAS data as I mentioned in my former email.



Hello Sumo users,

I'm using TAPAS cologne routes in the 6 to 8 XML file in my research 
experiments. However, I noticed that not all the vehicles depart and run 
although they are loaded onto the network. Also, a large group of vehicles 
arrive although they do not depart and run. Further, there are many of 
insertion-backlogged vehicles.

I would like all the vehicles to be loaded and running so I can test them in my 
experiments. Unfortunately, I don't know where the problem is but do have any 
recommendation to fix this problem?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
I. Abeer M. Hakim


Information Technology??Department
Faculty of Computing and Information Technology
King AbdulazizUniversity
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