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It says:
To disable all autonomous changing but still handle safety checks in the 
simulation, either one of the modes 256 (collision avoidance) or 512 (collision 
avoidance and safety-gap enforcement) may be used.

  *   When the mode is 512, how is the safety-gap of others calculated?

bit9, bit8:
*         00 = do not respect other drivers when following TraCI requests, 
adapt speed to fulfill request
*         01 = avoid immediate collisions when following a TraCI request, adapt 
speed to fulfill request

  *   What is adapt speed to fulfill request means here? What will happen if 
the speed is overwritten by traci.vehicle.setSpeed ?


  *   If all checks of speed mode on, traci.vehicle.setSpeed sets a speed over 
the safe speed / maximum acceleration / maximum deceleration, which one has a 
higher priority?

Thank you in advance!

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