Thing is, I've always thought of anopa as a set of tools, that allow
you to set things up however you want. I like that idea, and so that's
why it doesn't create service(dir)s on its own, unlike s6-rc.

 I totally agree with that philosophy, but all the pressure I'm getting
is always in the direction of "make it more user-friendly, accessible to
normal people, integrate it more, more high-level commands" - never
the other way.
 That's why I added magic to s6-rc-compile to make it run a fdholder and
a oneshot-runner automatically as needed: users want the resulting
mechanism without having to concern themselves with the details, so if
the details can be automated, all the better - even if, for you and me,
they're easy to understand and set up manually.

 So if you think an "aa-command" longrun is the proper way to run
oneshots with anopa (a position I obviously agree with) I think you should have it by default in your example service sets, or something of the kind. Few people have the inclination and time to tinker enough to come up with
that themselves!

OTOH anopa does come with aa-stage{0..4} scripts, that's true.

 You also have some kind of tty management, which s6-rc doesn't.


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