2017-05-02 6:32 GMT-03:00 Francisco Gómez García:
> May 2, 2017 8:35 AM, "Steve Litt" wrote:
>> I also am surprised you could get Gnome to work without systemd. Just
>> for fun, try out LXDE, and install dmenu and have it at the ready
>> with an easy hotkey. I think you'll love the productivity
>> enhancement, once you get used to it.
> Yes, GNOME works, and on its entirety! No missing features on Void so
> far but GNOME Software (because of xbps and PackageKit, naturally).
> Who could have guessed that they didn't need to enforce their init of
> choice to make the desktop of their dreams?

I'm going to bet that's thanks to elogind:



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