On 5/1/2017 2:11 PM, Francisco Gómez wrote:
And during the process, someone recently told me
something like this.

     "It's old software. Its last version is from 2014. If I have to
     choose between a dynamic, bug-filled init like Systemd and a barely
     maintained init like Runit, I'd rather use Systemd."

That sounds bad, doesn't it?

No, it doesn't sound bad at all, but the person you talked with does sound mis-informed.

To quote an (in)famous but well-meaning internet troll, "Functionality is an asset, but code is a liability."

Runit is simple enough, and small enough, that it does not require a VCS to maintain it. The same goes for s6, and many other supervision suites.

Now contrast those with systemd: just how big is systemd, including all of its pieces? How many people are needed to maintain it?

Ponder those three sentences, together, for a little while.

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