2017-06-29 1:43 GMT-03:00 Steve Litt:
> On Wed, 28 Jun 2017 22:31:12 -0300 Guillermo wrote:
>> But then you end up with an unsupervised runsv process, disconnected
>> from the rest of the supervision tree...
> I'm not sure about the unsupervised part of it, but I know if the
> executable ends another one is run within a second, and I know that you
> can turn the executable on and off with
> sv [up|down] /var/svlink/gnumeric

The executable (gnumeric) is supervised, the supervisor (runsv) is
not. Sure, all those things are true, but while the supervisor is
alive. Kill runsv (if launched in this way) and see what happens.

There is a situation just like this with OpenRC's supervise-daemon.


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