I have used daemontools for years and svscanboot
from rc.local

Now I have set rc.local to be started from
systemd, as it is on server, as I need only

And I see the example script s6-svscanboot in s6

I use it so as below. 


#!/command/execlineb -P
/command/redirfd -r 0 /dev/null
/command/exec -c -a /command/s6-svscan
/command/s6-svscan -t0 /service

The script does not "exist". That means when I do

sudo service rc-local stop

it stops, and when I do

sudo service rc-local start

it is then hanging, or running, it is fine, but I
would like to exit back to shell on such run.

Adding & on end of line is not helping.

How do I make it execute and exit back to shell?


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