The |wall|(1) program is available in Void's 'standard'
    executables directories.

Because that's what nosh's build system and executables are going to expect, as far as I know.

For the sake of other readers: note that it is not the build system that employs the |wall| program. (That would be bizarre.) It is the |shutdown| program, at runtime, as described in its manual. This is not a requirement specific to the nosh toolset's |shutdown| program. The old |shutdown| program in FreeBSD and OpenBSD has the same requirement, for example, as did the |shutdown| program in 386BSD. Using the |wall| program to do its job rather than duplicating (a fork of) its code into |shutdown| (which the van Smoorenburg <>, upstart <>, and systemd <> |shutdown| programs all have) has a long history in the Unix world.

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