On Sat, Dec 28, 2019 at 03:37:35PM +0200, Alex Suykov wrote:
> The reason I think it's mostly useless is because the only use case
> for cgroup supervision is supervising double-forking daemons, which
> is not a very smart thing to do. A much better approach is to get rid
> of double-forking and then just directly supervise the resulting long
> running process.
> I can't think of any other cases where it would be useful.

Another use case, as I outlined in the Gentoo Forums post, is to handle
orphans of badly written programs.  I remember seeing someone mentioning
certain GNOME programs behaving this way, which seems to be a reason
systemd began to kill nohup'ed processes.  The only program I have
witnessed to behave this way is cjdroute, the service program of cjdns,
which is part of why I dislike the current implementation of the latter
(as I mentioned in the UP2020 document).

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