Hi folks,

I was contacted about the coming shutdown of the mod_suphp mailing list
and the fork of mod_suphp I put on github. It's probably worth
explaining my intentions with that fork before the list shuts down


This repo tries to perserve all the available history of the mod_suphp
codebase up to the v0.7.2 tag. The commit history in the repo includes
all of the available subversion commits and the older releases of
mod_suphp that are only available as tarballs on the website.

The commits that are currently in the master branch after the v0.7.2
tag are intended to merge the various patches cPanel applies to
mod_suphp and cleanup the code a bit.

My longer term plan is to change the --with-setid-mode configure flag
to be a runtime configuration, fix a few unresolved bugs I'm aware of,
and create a 0.8.0 release. After that, I plan to look at simplifying
the configuration and improving the performance by switching from the
separate setuid binary to a persistent privileged process that the
Apache module controls.

If you know of bugs with the current mod_suphp 0.7.2 or other mod_suphp
patches that I've missed, feel free to contact me directly or through
github with the details.

Aside from my fork, it's also worth pointing out that CloudLinux
created a fork called mod_securephp several years ago. Their version is
available at https://github.com/cloudlinux/mod_securephp

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