Readout time of ~1/15 s is for full size/full resolution of the sensor. Smaller 
the WOI - shorter the time, sensor datasheets have formulai for the readout 
time. What kind of flash (and the flash duration) do you plan to use? And what 
resolution/frame rate?

I'm just working on inter-camera synchronization, same output can be used to 
fire a flash with programmable delay. Sensor strobe output is not used, the 
output pulse is generated in the FPGA (so it does not depend on particular 
sensor type) it is a 5V pulse available (when programmed so) on the 2.5mm audio 
connector on the camera (marked "sync" here )


---- On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 22:06:46 -0700 Asa Hammond<> 
wrote ---- 

I understand the difference between global shutter and GRR. Interested to use 
with a flash.  Is the readout always 1/15s? No matter what the exposure 
setup?We can try it with the 5mp for now.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 6:53 PM, Elphel Support 
<> wrote:
Hello Asa,

How do you plan to use global reset release? It is not a global shutter (all 
pixels erased at once, but read out of the full frame still takes ~1/15 s) Do 
you plan to connect a flash light source? Otherwise the pixel exposure will be 
proportional to row number.

It is possible to use such mode with 5MPix and the software that I described in 
the last blog article, we did not yet made a compatible driver for the 14 MPix, 
but it will be soon (~month) ready.



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