I have trying to build the firmware and flash the camera however I have not
> been successful. I build the firmware on my machine and the used the web
> interface to upload the new firmware to the camera, however this bricked
> the camera. Do you have any advice about why this may have happened?

   - Did you build master (= jethro) or rocko branch?  git clone -b rocko
   - I'm working with the kernel in rocko plus some application projects
   are on their master branches. Can break things from time to time but I
   recommend to build the rocko branch for the main project.
   - If you have a serial port up you should see at least some output from
   u-boot and kernel.
   - First try putting your built files on the recovery SD card and boot
   from it -

In elphel393/tools/elphel-tools-update/ there's a write_bootable_mmc.py -
if you used it to write the card then copy it
to elphel393/bootable-images/mmc/ and run it.
If it boots and works - then flash it from the web interface

   - If you boot from flash - you can only reflash u-boot, device tree and
   kernel, but not rootfs (cause it's mounted). To reflash rootfs - boot from
   the recovery card and use the web interface.

> I then tried to add extra files onto the SD card, however the camera would
> not boot from SD card after adding extra files. Is it not possible to add
> files to filesystem on the SD card.

It is possible. Did you copy files to the ROOT partition or BOOT? Serial
output would help.

> I would like to be able to flash the camera with custom firmware with
> additional services running on the camera. Will this be easy to do?

Brief info:

It needs a one time setup. Take/copy 'init' project as an example. After
it's set up there's an extra bitbake task to copy files to the camera - I
boot from SD card for development:

> $ bitbake somerecipe -c compile -f; bitbake somerecipe -c target_scp -f

This task requires pwdless access to the camera: ssh-copy-id

If some application already exists in Yocto or OE - you just need to
include it to the list in the

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