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Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have checked your products and I am a little confused about something, Can 
you guide me?

1) Can users set exposure time? what is the range of it? 

Yes, definitely

2) As you mentioned in web site,  the Model 323 had supported 35 mm (11 
Megapixel Kodak CCD) and unfortunately  it is discontinued now. Can I drive a 
CCD sensor (e.g. 11 Megapixel Kodak CCD) on System Board (10393)? 

System board 10393 (https://wiki.elphel.com/wiki/10393) has flexible digital 
interface, but you can not connect it directly to the sensor. There has to be 
the board that provides analog signals to the PCB. Yes, it would be possible to 
drive the board that were used in the model 323 book-scanning camera from the 
10393 boards, but the 323 and its components are discontinued. We tested the 
10344, 10347 boards with the 10353 system board 
(https://wiki.elphel.com/wiki/Programming_363), and this functionality can be 
ported to 10393 that has 4 of the ports compatible with 10353.

3) I couldn't have find any information about operating and storage 
temperature, totally is there any data about industry standards?

These camera were designed and built for the Google Books project and tested 
for the normal indoor operating conditions

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