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In the process of looking for an add-on for SeaMonkey that will allow me
download and send email via Yahoo (standard 'public' account) I ran
across the Thunderbird Webmail add-on:

Found that it works very well in Thunderbird as long as the Yahoo
account is set to the 'new' Yahoo mail interface.

Curious, I tried to load it in SM 2.0a3pre given that SM 2.x and TB are
sharing so much code lately. It wouldn't install (gave me an
'incompatibility' error). Tried in SM 1.1.14 and that said that it was
installed, but of course that's as far as it gets - no setup method etc.

I did some testing and found that if I have a webmail account set in SM
1.1.14 and SM 2.0a3pre the same as I do in Thunderbird (using the same
localhost/ports that it works... as long as I have Thunderbird running.
TB's Webmail add-on opens the ports and SM can use those ports for
send/receive to the Yahoo account. However, as soon as I close TB, the
Webmail server goes with it so SM no longer works with the Yahoo accounts.

I suppose that I can always open TB and move it to an alternate
workspace, but that seems like a waste of system resources. Does anyone
know if: 1) Webmail will eventually work with SM 1.1.x and 2.x, and
2)can suggest something similar that is specifically designed to work
with SM?

Version history shows:
Webmail 1-2-3

    * Fixed file permissions (Linux)
    * Fixed Seamonkey 1.2 install

So perhaps I'm missing something on how to setup in SM 1.1.14.
webmail for SM1.x works. You just need to install xsidebar to get access to the settings:

I don't know if this works for SM2 though.

Thanks. Installed xsidebar & can actually now get the Webmail config
dialog in 1.1.14, but can't get the Webmail servers to start in SM as
they do in TB. I'll fiddle with it a bit more & post back any results

for me, I prefer FreePops. Less hassle than that of webmail.

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