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Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo a écrit :
Bertrand wrote:
The mail-adresses-file gestion had problems.
first : any adresses-lists from the previous version dosn't come in the message adresse when we give his name

I have no idea what you're trying to say with this.
I explan it in frensh below

second : when we create an new adresses-list in a profile, this news list is visible in the other profils ("tools/change profil" to get in an other profile). I verify that the modification date from the aboot.mab isn't modify in the other profiles. The new list in the others mail-adresses-file are then chimera, not real.
Excuse my english
Bertrand de Pommery

what happens when you switch profiles without using Tools? I mean switching profiles use the profile manager

Excuse for my so bad english, Peter
I write it in frensh :
Dans le carnet d'adresses a des problèmes de gestion :
premièrement : certaines listes d'adresses ne sont plus retrouvées en écrivant son nom dans les adresses de la rédaction d'un mail (écrit en rouge, comme inconnu) deuxièmement : en créant une liste dans un de mes profils (j'en ai 4), je l'ai retrouvée dans deux autres (je n'ai pas regardé le dernier). Mais après fermeture de Seamonkey, j'ai constaté que les fichiers abook.mab n'avaient pas changé de date de modification hormis celui du profil où j'avais créé la liste, bien sur. Dans cette expérimentation, je n'ai pas fermé Seamonkey mais je suis passé d'un profil à l'autre par le menu "outils/changer de profil" qui ouvre le gestionnaire de profil (profile manager). C'était donc une liste fantôme dans les autres profils. En repassant en 1.1.12, les carnets d'adresses sont redevenus corrects, sans la liste fantôme. Ce qui était normal au vu des dates de modification.

Is anyone can translate this text for the people not reading the frensh language, my english is so bad...

I will attempt to translate this - not literally -:
"in the Address book, there are management problems.
firstly, addresses sometimes do not show up automatically while typing the first characters on an address in mail fields (added by me: like To, CC, and so on).

secondly, after creating a list in one of my profiles (I have 4 of them), I found it in two of the others (did not check the last one). But after closing SM, I find that the abook.mab files modification dates remained unchanged, except for the one in the profile where I created the list, of course. While doing this test, I did not shut down SM but switched profiles via the Menu Tools, Switch profiles. Seems to me it was a ghost list in the other profiles. Going back to 1.1.12 corrected the issue, the ghost list disappeared. Which is normal given the modification dates.

The first issue seems clear to me, Peter.
The second, I understand a ghost addresses list appears in profiles different from the one a new list was created in. This appears to be the case using the Switching function. The OP does not seem to have tested this by shutting down SM and restarting it and he went back to 1.1.12 which solved the problem.

John Doue
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