SanDigital wrote:
Thanks M KC.  I navigated over to where you said, found all the files,
deleted the msf files, then overwrote the "mail" folder from my backup
drive to my new laptop.

I opened up Seamonkey again, opened up the mail window and...
nothing.  Just my new emails that are still on the server were there.
None of my old emails of folders were anywhere to be found.

What did I do wrong?


On Dec 16, 10:12 pm, M KC <> wrote:
Daniel wrote:
SanDigital wrote:
I was running Seamonkey 1.1.7 on an iMac running 10.3.9... then my
hard drive crashed. But, I did do regular backups on an external
I bought a new MacBook running 10.5.6 and have downloaded SeaMonkey
I'd like to retrieve all of my old email messages so that my new
SeaMonkey mail looks pretty much like the old one. Is that possible?
If so, where on the harddrive is that data stored? I couldn't find
I know next to nothing about Mac's, but.......
Is your iMac running again?? If so, start SeaMonkey and have a look at
Edit|Mail&Newsgroup Account Setting and select "Server Settings" on
your mail account. At the bottom of this screen there is a "Local
Directory" location. This is where all your profile stuff should be.
Copy this over to your new MacBook, then set yourself up with a new
profile (start the profile manager or use Tools Switch Profiles and
select Manage Profiles) and point it to where you copied the old profile.
Your Profile is in your User's Folder. Go to Library ƒ / Mozilla ƒ /
Profiles ƒ / Default ƒ/ sit ƒ / Mail ƒ ........ Before making a copy of
the contents of the Mail ƒ delete the msf files

Make sure you do NOT have SeaMonkey open while transferring from the old
to the new folder.

Good luck,


I'm not sure why it didn't work, but you are at least on the right track in as much as you now know how to locate your Profile. Try making a copy of the files, save to desktop them manually transfer into your new profile. Once again make sure SeaMonkey is NOT open.

Fingers crossed,
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