On 12/17/2008 1:31 AM, Ed Mullen wrote:
When I installed SM 2 it imported my 1.1.13 profile.  Seems to be
working fine.

Until a friend noted that every email has the same signature.

I use a program called Pick-A-Tag to randomly generate a sig file. So I
checked and the SM import changed the path for the sig file in every
mail and news account I have.

Original path in the SM 1.1.13 prefs.js is:

G:\\My Documents\\pick_a_tag_destination.txt

Path in SM 2 profile's prefs.js is:

C:\\Documents and Settings\\Ed\\Application

And the import process copied the original file to my profile. I cannot
imagine the logic behind this one.

So that the SM2 profile has the actual files used...

In general the file used is located in the SM1 profile, I'm not sure on the supported methods here...

For reference, can you import your SM(1) profile [hide or delete your SM2 profile temporarily] with TB3b1, and see what happens to your sig(s) in that?

~Justin Wood (Callek)
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