Justin Wood (Callek) wrote:
On 12/18/2008 12:24 AM, Ed Mullen wrote:
Justin Wood (Callek) wrote:
On 12/17/2008 1:31 AM, Ed Mullen wrote:
When I installed SM 2 it imported my 1.1.13 profile. Seems to be
working fine.

Until a friend noted that every email has the same signature.

I use a program called Pick-A-Tag to randomly generate a sig file. So I
checked and the SM import changed the path for the sig file in every
mail and news account I have.

Original path in the SM 1.1.13 prefs.js is:

G:\\My Documents\\pick_a_tag_destination.txt

Path in SM 2 profile's prefs.js is:

C:\\Documents and Settings\\Ed\\Application

And the import process copied the original file to my profile. I cannot
imagine the logic behind this one.

So that the SM2 profile has the actual files used...

In general the file used is located in the SM1 profile, I'm not sure on
the supported methods here...

Well, the actual, defined, sig file is a finite path. And, in my case,
the import screwed it up. It not only modified my original path for my
sig file, but it also copied the file to my profile. Which totally
screwed my system. Every two minutes my sig file program writes a new
sig file. My SM file points to that destination file. Or should. The
import totally screwed it up.

For reference, can you import your SM(1) profile [hide or delete your
SM2 profile temporarily] with TB3b1, and see what happens to your sig(s)
in that?

Huh? I installed SM 2. I let it do the default import process other than
the components I did not want installed, and to point it to a different

How the hell did anyone decide to:

1. change the path to my sig file?
2. copy my sig file to my profile folder?
3. change the reference to my sig file in the prefs.js file?

It is, at best, silly. At worst, well. I am awaiting a comment from
someone who actually codes this stuff and who can explain it.

To me? On the surface of it, it's just ... well ... dumb.

You didn't answer my trial question either way (I'm much too tired atm
to attempt to articulate my thoughts on your comments).

But can you PLEASE try (without having a SM2 profile around in default
location, just back it up) TB3b1 and run its importer....

I would welcome more info on how they treat "sig file imports" here. It
is 100% relevant on if they do the same as our 2.0 importer, or if they
do it differently. Doesn't mean either choice is right or wrong, just

Sorry, Justin.  It was late and I was in a grouchy mood.  Mea culpa.\

Ok, I just installed TB3B1 and imported my SM1 profile. (It took much much longer than the SM2 import.) Oddly, it got the sigfile path correct for the default email account but screwed up the other 17 email and news accounts exactly the way the SM2 import did: It copied the sigfile to the TB profile and changed the path in those other 17 accounts.

More alarmingly, it appears that it over-wrote my TB2 profile. Not that I care since I only use TB for testing.

Ed Mullen
If at first you do succeed, try not to look astonished.
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