I eagerly wait for each new revision of SM, hoping that my scrolling bar problem finally will be fixed. Even with v1.1.14, it still exists.

Each time I launch SM, it goes to my home page of my.yahoo.com. If I scroll down, say halfway, click a link, then hit the Back button, the scrolling bar doesn't memorize its previous position. Instead, it returns to the topmost position.

Oddly, if go to yahoo.com, scroll down, click on a link, then hit Back, the scrolling bar does remember were it had been.

Suspecting that the problem may exist at any page I designate as my home page, I made yahoo.com my home page. Scrolled down, clicked a link, hit Back, and the scrolling bar remembered its previous position.

This problem exists at many other sites as well, so it's not something oddball just with my.yahoo.com.

Thanks for your comments.

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