I always had windows en Liux on 1 disk drive, that is possible because, linux boot from block 0 on the drive and windows on block 1...

The nice thing is that you install windows on a clean new disk and after that linux... But know comes the problem, i wanted to be a clean house, like grandma's do from time to time, so i removed linux /and/ windows.

But for heavens sake, what happened with block 0, finally got it together with /dd if=<big file> of=/dev/sda bs=10240/ wham, i worked slept from 1am to 5am, and all the time i was working on that problem.

That *dd* trick is not possible on a rescue disk, that is read-only, but at least you can clean the partitions with /fdisk/, just in Linux single boot, and do it... brrrr nice research and probably the wrong news group

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