Dear Erwin,
Thanks GJ for your replay, but let me tell you that I don't have a 64-
bits machine,
my machine has an AMD Sempron Processor 2500+, this is a 32-bits
The question is .. why FireFox loads the pages and SM crash?

I'm using this flash-plugin version

Thans for your help in advance

My former machine was a Sempron 1600+ and that's a dual cpu 32/64 cpu, but that is apart from your problem... But if you have setup Fedora i686 than it is no use for 64bits of course.

I really don't know what the reason can be that 1.1.12 is crashing in Fedora9, I used 1.1.11 and Fedora8 with great pleasure.

Yum the seamonkey from the net, it has very many plugins, but is 64bits, now the "wow" computer is there, then we should get /flash/ in a few months i guess.

all the best


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