Barry Edwin Gilmour wrote:
Rob Lindauer wrote:
I'm trying to play some streaming video ("Doppler radar" at via SM 1.1.14 on my Kutuntu 8.10 system.

I have .wmv files associated with Kaffeine via my SM preferences, and they open right up in my browser.

When I try to play the weather video above, I get a "missing plugin" message from SM.

I suppose I need to define another filetype in my preference, but don't know what it is; or perhaps Kaffeine doesn't handle streaming video, or needs some plugin I don't know about.

Can someone suggest a good way to view the video via SM?

(Likely an elementary question - I'm relatively new at Linux....)

The radar plays fine on SM-2.0a3pre with JavaScript enabled, MPlayer-plug-in-3.50, and Shockwave-Flash-10.0r15, on RPM-based kernel- Mandriva distribution.
I'd say:-
1/ check your JavaScript settings (Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Scripts&Plugins/Enable-JavaScript-for-browser)
2/ Confirm your system's Kaffeine truly-can play a local WMV-file OK.
3/ Check that you are using a recent edition of Flash (, having regard-to the libcurl-versions installed on your Ubuntu-8.10 (

Aside from omitting JavaScript, that's a real-good FAQ at ( Hope that helps.

Thanks much for the help, will give it a shot.  Regards, RL

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