I tried unsuccessfully to post this on Robert Kaiser's thread started 12/21
(thread closed?):

"This is not a long-range, philosophical view, but rather a near-term, nuts
and bolts suggestion for improving SeaMonkey. If my recollection of the way
things currently work is incorrect please let me know and I will gladly
admit to a mistake.

When you are not a programmer or developer, you can make possibly
unachievable wild-ass suggestions for features without fear of embarrassing
yourself (feel free to disagree on that). Anyway, I will avail myself of
that luxury here.

IMO the suite would benefit greatly (and I would return to using SM rather
than Thunderbird for email) if the profile could be split up into two parts,
browser and email/news. That way, when you created a new profile as a
corrective, you would have the option of maintaining your existing email
set-up and data. With constant and necessary upgrades to the base program,
themes and extensions, and merely through the normal course of using the
browser, things will eventually get sluggish or corrupted, developer
mistakes will creep in and then may be retroactively corrected with
unintended consequences, and so forth. With the exception of a totally clean
re-installation, creating a new profile is the most effective way of dealing
with this, but it can be almost as burdensome. Currently I try to achieve
the equivalent of suite integration through minimize-to-tray in both
programs, but the extension is a bit dodgy (it doesn't even show up in the
uninstaller api in SM 1.1.x), and I suspect it is the cause of some SM
shortcomings that I put up with. From a time spent, complexity, and
frustration level standpoint, moving email and email settings that are
inherently OK is not within the scope of what a normal user, even an
enthusiastic one, should be doing, or wants to be doing, and I think it
serves as a disincentive to adopting the suite by other than computer

Anyway, my two cents.

Regards, RF"

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