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How do I set IE to recognize SeaMonkey 1.1.14 as my email program.
 I have newly installed SeaMonkey and while SeaMonkey email
works. I have been unable to get the browser to appear but
Netscape browser still does ?. I upgraded from NS 7.2 to Sea
Monkey.  Also when I am in the email program and select Window
only Navigator appears not Sea Monkey browser. Thanks in advance.

The IE settings are under Tools > Internet Options > Programs (at least here with IE7, you might have to look in other places for Win98, including the Windows Control Panel).

You may also try the Default Browser button in SeaMonkey under Edit > Preferences > Navigator.

The fact that Netscape opens its Navigator window from its mail window is unrelated. SeaMonkey behaves the same and always opens its browser window from its mail window no matter what the default browser is.



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