Jens Hatlak wrote:
While you are composing a mail you can change
the set of recipients at any time. What you request would require to
check for available certificates any time you change that set.

I know that. But I guess this would only mean a few more cups of coffe for the SeaMonkey developers. :-)

that the idea of enabling encryption is to make it a requirement, i.e.
prevent sending the mail if not all recipients provide a certificate.

Well, you could display some kind of warning icon next to the e-mail address to indicate that the message cannot be sent encrypted and let the user decide what to do (send anyway, discard, whatever).

> If
encryption is switched off when one out of many recipients provides no
certificate you will hardly notice or be annoyed in case it would be
made noticeable and happen frequently.

Yeah, maybe, but I'm currently pretty annoyed by always having to switch on encryption manually. Someone sent me an unencrypted mail yesterday although I finally got them to obtain a certificate the day before. Now guess why. %-|

Looking at about:config I saw that no default encryption is "0" while requiring encryption is "2", so I thought a "1" would perhaps do something in between ... It didn't. :(

I think that encryption should be made as painless as possible to the end user (that's why I'm using S/MIME by the way). I mean, just about no one I know encrypts their e-mails.

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