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I want to give Sea Monkey a try, but will it "import" all my current TB emails, add ons, and preferences and will it "import" my current FF add ons, bookmarks, and preferences? Or will I have to start all over again?

yes and no.

It will import your TB emails, and prefs, but not TB addons as most of those are specific to TB only.

For FF, it will your bookmarks and prefs, but again, not addons.

If there's a specific addon you want, then ask and perhaps there's something better, or there might be another way, or you really don't need it.

Further, there is a support group SeaMonkey:

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In a lot of cases the addons for TB/FF there are SM versions.

a lot!? I don't think so. Its very a very small amount. The vast majority of ones from TB/FF addons, have been ported over to work with SM.

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