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I want to give Sea Monkey a try, but will it "import" all my current TB emails, add ons, and preferences and will it "import" my current FF add ons, bookmarks, and preferences? Or will I have to start all over again?

yes and no.

It will import your TB emails, and prefs, but not TB addons as most of those are specific to TB only.

For FF, it will your bookmarks and prefs, but again, not addons.

If there's a specific addon you want, then ask and perhaps there's something better, or there might be another way, or you really don't need it.

Further, there is a support group SeaMonkey:

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I think it was you, Grant, that made a comment in some TB or FF thread that SM was superior to either.

In any case, whoever said it was what prompted me to want to give it a try.

If in fact it was you who said that, or if you share that opinion, can you be more specific?

I.e. . . . in what ways is it "better"?  Examples if you can.


in my opinion, currently it has a better bookmark manager. It lets you switch bookmark files on the fly. It has a better Preferences [Options in FF/TB]. It has a popup for passwords. The throbber works, which I use all the time. You only have one profile instead of two with a FF/TB combo. It has a web page maker. And it contains a browser, email/news, webpage composer, and chat all in one little program, instead of several. It contains History separate than with the bookmark manager like FF does. It has a better address bar.

I say currently cause in SM 2, some of these great features will be gone.

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